TAF (maggie_mae128) wrote,

For to Taylor's Choice:

For to Taylor's Choice:
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Cool Hand Luke
Annie Hall
When Harry Met Sally
It's a Wonderful Life
Forrest Gump
A Hard Day's Night

Shawshank Redemption
Rear Window
American History X
The Sting
The Graduate
Gone with The Wind
the Hustler
Little Miss Sunshine
All the President's Men
American Graffiti
The Royal Tenanbaums
Waiting for Guffman
Field of Dreams
Life is Beautiful
League of Their Own

For to Taylor's Choice
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i love shawshank redemption, american history x, capote, field of dreams (aw, my pa), and wes anderson. i haven't really seen the others.

can we watch JFK so we can FINALLY be friends?
i mean, it's only been YEARS
oh wow, i forgot i had seen forrest gump, it's a wonderful life, when harry met sally, godfather, gone with the wind, and little miss sunshine
there's not a movie up there i'm not in love with! i looked really hard to find one i don't like, but oh well. good choices! Especially American Grafitt and Rear Window

And i always said "I could watch Shawshank Redemption a trillion times and want to rewind it and start over"
6 days?!?! Is this some kind of really weird dream or something?