TAF (maggie_mae128) wrote,


Hey, I loooooove working at Disney.

What if I just stayed, guys? And just didn't do Studio? Would that be ok?


"Then we had to take off the hood and gas mask and do jumping jacks and stuff with a ton of TEAR GAS going off. So I couldn't open my eyes or stop coughing or anything. It hurt so so so much. But it was awesome at the same time."


"Also, I wont see Shannon for almost a year I realized. Sucks :/"

das for you, Shayno.

I also got another letter the other day that had been lost in the mail and rained on and such. No bite out of it, though. Dumb US postal service. Awww, waaaaaahhhh we have a bajillion letters a day waaaaaaahhhh. Anyhow, this is from that:

"I would never die for any entity such as country, group, etc. ... But I think (because I guess you can't really know exactly what you would do in some situations) that I wouldn't have a problem putting myself in a dangerous situation in order to keep safe another person. No doubt anyone I know or care about. ... once I get done with all my training I'm gonna volunteer to be on the first tour sent out. THAT MEANS that every 16-18 months, I would spend between 60-120 days deployed. ... Well I gotta write my mom! I love you and I'll call you soon. answer your g*dd*mn phone next time."

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